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Since the booming economy of Colorado is still going strong, it makes sense to start a new enterprise in the Centennial State, but with so many prime locations to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down the best spot to open your new business. Here are three hot locations to consider if you’re planning to launch a restaurant in Colorado.


This eclectic college town has everything that you’ll need to launch a successful restaurant venture. Nestled against the majestic Flatirons, Boulder boasts a diverse population and dining scene. The bold Pearl Street Mall is a pedestrian-friendly street lined with some of the region’s best dining and shopping opportunities, making it the perfect community gathering spot. If you invest in some judicious marketing and plan your opening week to coincide with the beginning of the fall semester, you’ll be sure to draw an abundance of students and their parents into the doors. The fun and laid-back vibe of Boulder makes it a good place to start a casual restaurant geared toward a young and trendy crowd.


This community is centrally located on I-25 between Loveland, Fort Collins and Greely, attracting visitors from a wide surrounding area. The Centerra community likes eating out, which is good news for local restaurant owners. Although there are nearly 40 eateries already there, most are chain restaurants, which means that people looking for a unique dining experience are likely to flock to your new eatery. The food truck roundups during the summer are popular because they offer the opportunity for guests to take advantage of the beautiful Colorado nights.

Douglas County

Douglas County encompasses the southern region of Denver’s metropolitan area. The average family in this affluent area boasts a strong disposable income, making it an ideal place to launch a new enterprise. The pro-business environment of Douglas County is attractive for restaurant entrepreneurs looking to open a new property in a friendly tax environment. The area is extremely family-focused, providing ample opportunity to market your new restaurant to people with children. As the suburban sprawl continues into Douglas County, more and more land is being developed. This venue is ripe for expansion, and new restaurants should thrive here.

By carefully choosing your restaurant site, you can ensure that you will get your business off to the very best start. These three areas all deliver crucial demographics and the building blocks needed to be successful in the competitive restaurant market.

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