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The coronavirus pandemic has caused struggles for businesses everywhere. Many have closed, either temporarily or permanently, and those that have been able to remain open have had to adapt to various restrictions. Some of those restrictions are a condition of remaining open. With that in mind, it’s important to find ways to keep customers and employees compliant with those restrictions.

Do Compliance Checks

The area where you as a business have the most control is over what your employees do. You should have policies in place to help you stay in compliance with local regulations and restrictions. It’s imperative that you communicate those policies clearly to both existing employees and any new hires you might have. Mandating that your employees wear masks is a common requirement that many businesses have to meet in order to stay open. Help them understand how wearing masks help slow the spread of the virus to encourage them to comply.

Display Signs

Communication with employees and customers alike is critical to helping everyone comply with restrictions. Having signs posted around your business can be an effective way to communicate policies so everyone clearly understands what is expected. Floor signs can help customers know how far apart they should stand from each other. Signs instructing people to wear masks can be placed outside your business or on the entry doors. Encourage people to sanitize their hands and wash them often by posting such signs in the bathroom and by sanitizing stations.

Enforce Policies at Every Level

For policies to be effective, they need to be enforced at every level. When it comes to making sure everyone complies with policy and restrictions, having double standards doesn’t work. They must be enforced the same way for managers as they are your entry level employees. It may be more difficult to enforce them for your customers, but one of the benefits of being a private business is the option to refuse service to those who refuse to comply. You may lose some customers, but you’ll earn the loyalty of others with your dedication to protecting their health and safety.

With vaccines beginning to make their way to the population, there is an end in sight to the pandemic. In the meantime, businesses need to be able to enforce the local restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Compliance checks, displaying signs, and enforcing policies at every level can help. If everyone does their part, we can keep people safer and bring the pandemic to an end sooner.

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