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Health inspections are essential in maintaining standards for businesses. They will also ensure that your business is a healthy place that is safe for your customers. To pass a health inspection you can start by training your employees on best practices, prevent pests, and do a self-inspection.

Train Employees on Best Practices

Employees at your business need training in the best practices of your business so it can run smoothly. Your employees are the direct contact from the business to the customers, which makes their role vital. In addition to being important for interactions with customers, training your employees well will ensure you can pass an inspection and stay in business. Your onboarding of employees will be crucial to the success of your training. You need to have systems set in place that will give your employees all the tools you need. You can integrate both hands-on and virtual training to help them get started.

Prevent Pests

Preventing pests is one of the easiest ways to pass a health inspection. Having pests is also an easy way to fail a health inspection. Pests will fail you in an inspection because it signals that your place is unhealthy. Pests can pose physical and health dangers for your business. They can carry diseases which they can pass to customers through direct contact or contact with food. You should have a regular pest inspection and pest removal to ensure you don’t get pests and any you do have are eliminated immediately. You should also take care to keep your business clean, so you don’t attract pests in the first place.

Do a Self-Inspection

A self-inspection is a good practice to prepare for a health inspection. To perform a self-inspection, you should check your local guidelines to create a checklist. For these to be effective you should ensure that they are done without warming to your employees so you can truly get an idea of how you will fare in a real inspection. Your checklist needs to include areas of temperature control, food storage, personal hygiene, food contact, non-food contact surfaces, bathrooms, waste storage and removal, and pest control.

Health inspections will help ensure that your business is safe for your customers. Health inspection criteria are something you should always maintain in your business to ensure the best. Doing periodic self-inspections will help you make sure you are always health inspection ready.

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