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A restaurant’s most important responsibility is always to provide the public and their employees a clean and hygienic environment. Every area no matter if the public sees it or not, has to meet a certain level of standard placed upon it by the government and the owners as well. However, with so many tasks to be completed, where does one even begin? The following list details three of the main areas of your restaurant that you need to cleaning and checking on often.


Bathrooms, although not the place where people expect to be the most hygienic should be looked after constantly. The bathroom area is continuously used (especially on the weekends) and must be treated as such. Kaivac Cleaning recommends having your staff check bathroom conditions every thirty minutes. This might seem like a lot to you, but patrons tend to go in and out of a bathroom regularly and not on a set schedule. In addition, the bathrooms are a liability that must be taken seriously. One slip without a wet floor sign around can really burn a hole in your pockets.


Spills are, to say the least, unavoidable in any restaurant. Food is being delivered to tables and taken from tables constantly. A dirty floor also gives the impression that you’re negligent. If you don’t even bother cleaning your main floors, then the kitchen must be just as bad. Much like the bathroom situation, a dirty floor filled with obstacles and spilled food can seriously hurt someone if they end up slipping on it. In fact,  William W. Hurst explains that the number one cause of injuries in restaurants is slips, trips, and falls. Keep your floors clean and you’ll experience fewer accidents in the kitchen.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often said to be the most important area to keep clean at all times. After all, that’s exactly where your food is being prepared in. Areas that must be kept clean is your freezers, ovens, surfaces where food will be laid out and of course the floors. Maintaining clean floors is vital to the protection of the food and your staff. Unclean surroundings, especially in the kitchen, can aid in the growth of harmful bacterias and other less than desirable outcomes. 

Maintaining a clean restaurant can be a very difficult task, but there is nothing more serious than the wellbeing of your employees and patrons. By following the tips listed above, you can begin to transform any area into a clean and functional space.


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