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Knowing what your customers want is half the battle for any restaurant owner. And with the advent of third-party delivery services, it’s quite clear that customers want delivery options for their favorite restaurants. This is so significant that it can make the difference between them choosing you or your competitor for lunch. Don’t get left in the dust — you can deliver, and you can do it in a way that turns a profit. 

It’s Better to Start Your Own

First, it’s better to deliver on your own than to use a service. Third-party delivery services bring in too many issues, such as revenue cannibalization, blatant competition comparison, and complaints. 

When you start taking delivery orders directly, you can ensure that no customer is looking at a list of your competitors before ordering. You can also control the quality of food and are responsible for the employee handling the food. Cut out the middleman to have more control over your food and your profits. 

You’ll Need New Software

When starting a delivery service for your restaurant, it’s likely that your current software and website won’t fit the bill. That means you need to consider upgrading or changing your POS. You should also consider your options for website ordering and order management. Many restaurant POS systems allow online or even mobile orders. Contact your current POS provider to see if they can accommodate your needs to support your delivery service. 

It Gets Complicated

Taking food from one location brings in several concerns that you’ll need to plan for ahead of time. Consider the primary issues of food safety and staffing. Your food will need to get from the restaurant to customers in a way that preserves its quality and presentation. What containers will you use? What’s the time limit for how long food will be allowed to sit out? Will your employees be the ones delivering the food, or will you hire contractors? Contractors are great options for restaurants who aren’t familiar with the delivery process because they have the knowledge and experience to make up for your lack.

Consider Safety

Workplace safety is always at the top of a store owner’s list, and delivery is something that comes with new safety challenges. What if your driver gets into a car wreck while on the clock? Make sure that all of your drivers and their vehicles are covered by insurance, whether personal or driving a branded company vehicle. Also, make sure that every employee knows that GPS routes should be set before they start driving to prevent them from having to use their phone while on the road, increasing their likelihood of a wreck.

When introducing delivery as an option, you need a complete plan. Make your new delivery service a success by carefully training your staff, ensuring your food will travel well, and adopting software that supports remote ordering. Finally, don’t forget to tell your customers and the local area that you deliver!

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