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The coronavirus has had disastrous economic consequences for businesses all over the world. Although the world is not fully recovered from this pandemic, many restaurants are beginning to reopen. If this is the case for you, congratulations! Here are some essential things to remember before opening your restaurant back up:

Use Signs to Enforce Safety Rules

It is important to enforce safety even after you reopen your restaurant. Using signs to enforce safety will help you protect yourself, your employees, and your patrons. These signs should be well-placed, and should remind your customers about important safety practices, including staying six feet apart, wearing masks, avoiding touching one’s face, and washing hands often to slow the spread of germs. Signs are especially valuable in ensuring social distancing. Each sign should be placed six feet apart so customers know how far away they should be from the nearest person.

Limit Dining Area Seating

When you are able to open the dining area again, make sure to limit seating initially to prevent overcrowding and spread of the virus. Many customers will automatically assume that because your restaurant is open, there is no more need for safety concerns. However, this is not true, and so it is important to take appropriate measures to limit seating. While some customers might not see the need for this, limiting dining area seating is an important way to not only ensure safety but also build trust and respect for your business, any potential at-risk patrons will see your concern for their personal safety and welfare.

Use Food Safety Practices

One other important thing to remember before reopening your restaurant is that germs are easily spread when someone coughs, sneezes, or touches their face. In light of this fact, it will be important to be more stringent about sanitization and food safety while the world is still recovering from the coronavirus. Being stricter about the wearing of masks, hand washing, and station sanitization can do a lot to help prevent the spread of any potential germs to your restaurant’s food.

These few suggestions will be important to remember while preparing to reopen your restaurant. While nothing can completely ensure immunity from the coronavirus, diligence in using signs to enforce safety rules, limiting dining area seating, and strict food safety practices will greatly reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus in your establishment. Taking a careful and intentional approach to safety will build rapport in your restaurant between yourself, your employees, and your future patrons.

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