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Working in a professional restaurant is challenging and fun. However, it’s also a place with open flames, steam, boiling water, boiling oil and tools and machines made to slice, dice, grate, mince and crush. There are also harsh chemicals for cleaning. Making sure that employees work in safety is paramount. Here are four ways to help keep your kitchen safe and prevent accidents.

Provide Thorough Training

Proper training is far more than just teaching a server how to plate a meal. Proper training makes for fewer accidents and a quick response when the inevitable accident happens. The staff should know where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them. They should also know how to operate the fire suppression system. Workers in a professional kitchen must also be trained in occupational health and safety. This type of training shows the workers how to lift heavy objects, store and handle food and avoid injury. They should also know how to perform first aid.

Maintain Your Equipment

All equipment and tools should be in top shape whenever they’re used. Dull knives are dangerous, a broken deep fryer can cause a fire that can burn down the whole restaurant, and a broken dishwasher won’t clean utensils properly. These kitchen mishaps can lead to food-borne illness. Even equipment not directly involved in food preparation, such as the ventilation system, must be in good working order for an optimal kitchen environment.


The staff in the kitchen must always have good, constant communication. Communication isn’t just verbal. Warning signs need to be set up in hazardous areas, such as areas of the floor that have just been swabbed. If necessary, dangerous areas should be completely cordoned off until they’re repaired. There may be harmful long-term effects of bumping your head in the kitchen, to say nothing of tripping and falling, or being injured by faulty equipment.

Employ Proper Cleaning Techniques

Another area where the kitchen staff needs to be trained is in proper cleaning techniques. Properly cleaned dinnerware and equipment not only protects the customers but protects the staff. It is also simply more enjoyable to work in a clean kitchen. A clean workspace keeps you safe from illnesses and can increase the quality of your food.

The kitchen can be a chaotic place. The safety of your professional kitchen should be your top priority. When the staff is well trained and in continuous communication and the equipment works well, everyone can concentrate on their job of preparing and serving delicious food for your customers.