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Adding a new product to your menu can be a risky endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several things you can do before taking the plunge and putting that new creation on your menu to help ensure its success.

Collect Customer Data

The first thing to do before adding a new item is to collect customer data. After all, if you want to know if your new product will be a success, you need to know your customers and their wants. The types of data you want to collect include what already existing items on your menu are selling and which are not, as one way to segment your customers is based on what products they already buy. The last thing you want is to add an item that is similar to something that is already not doing well in terms of sales. You will also want to know what time of the day you are selling menu items. This can help you understand if a new item might help you boost sales during a low point. For example, perhaps a new lunch item can help increase your lunch sales.


Create a Rollout Plan

You’re also going to want a rollout plan that helps introduce your new product to customers. This plan should include advertising in print, online, and in your establishment. Your plan should begin well before the item is available so that you create a good buzz about it.

Your rollout plan should also take into account the business side of launching a new item. Make sure your point-of-sale system has the new product listed. Lastly, you want your team to be ready. Make sure they can fully execute the item and are ready to sell it to customers.


Taste Tests

One of the most important things in the process is making sure your item actually tastes good and appeals to your customers. Most of this work is done as you’re developing your product. Working with your team, you can refine ingredients and perfect the item. You might also conduct taste tests with family, friends, or loyal customers in order to get feedback. Putting the item on the menu for a limited run and asking for feedback can also help.


Before adding that new item to your menu, you should do the work of collecting data, creating a rollout plan, and conducting taste tests. Completing these tasks can help your new product to be a success.

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